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The Biorhythms of Man and Earth or how Our health relies on a proper interaction with Nature


Our life on Earth is unique because it is organized in an incredibly perfect and at the same time simple order, which is the subtle interaction between the World and the Man. The Man seems to be carefully built into the Earth and the Earth into the Man. It would be wrong to determine one’s superiority, because it is a unique and subtle interdependence of one to another. Every living thing that Is and that surrounds us, has its own frequencies which pulsates Life. These frequencies form an invisible frame of impulses that have incredibly strong electrical charge and long-range interaction (for example Earth magnetic storms very often provoke headaches or the effect of the rising Sun on the human biometric clock, etc). The Man and the Planet are alive, endowed with particular frequencies, biorhythms and especially strong emissions, through which everything on Earth communicates with each other, forming order and balance. Such a balance of biorhythms between Man and Earth provides order in space. 

According to the 2017 Nobel Prize Winner of Physiology/ Medicine in the Field of Molecular Mechanisms, is that  the daily biorhythms control humans, animals and plants. That means, scientists have been able to find out how plants, animals, and humans adapt their biological rhythms to synchronize with Earth’s rotation.

It is no secret, that the Man is a highly organized being with his own rhythms and frequencies, where each individual organ has its own rhythm of frequency oscillation. When it comes to the health of  organs, it is worth noting that each component has its own activity time, for example the activity time of the gallbladder is 7 to 8 pm, which makes this time most favorable for its treatment. The free healthy flow of energy in the body provides a steady, solid frame of healthy biorhythms around the person. It can also be called a frame that provides resistance to external influences that are hostile to humans and are a symbol of health longevity.

It is interesting that Neurophysics and quantum medicine compare human energy  with the potential of a powerful laser (P. Sitko-physicist, founder of the science of living physics, inventor of quantum medicine, Nobel Prize laureate).

Uniquely, a depressed mood or stress is able to automatically reduce the amplitude of oscillation of natural frequencies, and as a result, the person does not only feel weakened, but is inclined at this moment to get sick much faster than others. This process can be equated to a bullet striking through  our biorhythmic frame. And that’s when temporary illnesses begin, something that outdated traditional medicine cannot explain. My research has shown that restoration of the body’s energetic frame and healthy natural biorhythms is possible through external stimulation of meridians and energy points, that, in the Eastern medicine, correspond to the organs that have suffered “defeat”, through the general stimulation of the body by massage or acupuncture. When we work with the  body through different techniques, we restart the healthy biorhythmic frame of the person. By stimulating the invisible frame from the outside, we deliberately raise the natural biorhythmic frequencies after which the person returns to normal health.  

We should not forget, the first fundamental law of healthy human biorhythms should be the  connection with Earth, with all that is alive and in the context of whose biorhythms we were born in. By being alive the Earth and the Man have unique natural bond and Rules that, when violated, we disrupt the natural healthy balance between Man and the World, thereby exposing ourselves to various diseases and illnesses. In a unique way, a person is mysteriously tuned to the biorhythms of trees, grass, plants, birds and animals; yet only the animals, due to their developed natural senses, feel the biorhythms of a man more strongly. Our ancestors took each step with understanding the connection between the Man and the World. One of these fundamental rules between the Man and the World is the concept of day and night. Human activity occurs at the time when the Sun rises and decreases when the Sun goes down. Today, so many people have set themselves apart with conventional blinds from the order that sets the world in motion, which has shifted their own biorhythms, thus weakening its natural frame, which is the key to physical and mental health.

If we consider the environment as a pure grid of frequencies, we can safely speak about the need to balance the biorhythms of Man and Earth through the direct connection that exists between them.

First and foremost, it means the involvement of Ourselves in the natural environment and everything that surrounds us. For example, walking barefooted on earth, grounds us, gives us strength and stability and makes us feel present in the world; spending at least 30 minutes in the forest will definitely cause you to hear the blissful silence within you, to hear your inner voice, your Own desires, rather than externally imposed voices; to get caught in the rain is a great happiness that makes every cell feel the manifestation of the world; hiking in the mountains gives you a sense of inner strength, focus and mental health. This minimal list of different ways to get in touch with the world guarantees the healing of the Spirit and Body of a man and promotes the restoration of their own biorhythms and frequencies.


 It is worth remembering that a holistic person can automatically avoid 80% of stress-related illnesses, which I define as a temporary illness, which has become a great challenge for the modern world.

Olga Prodan