Your Somatic Experience...

Our Body as a witness of our everyday life


Now you have to agree, it is very unusual to think that the body may be the only true witness to our daily life, a witness that is consistently present ! A witness who, besides being constantly present, also lives our life with Us, which includes all the experiences, fears and tragedies. The body reflects all the processes, that are, in the true sense of the word, “sealed” in the muscle fibers and organs. So how is this possible?

If we consider the body as a witness, in the context of the autonomic nervous system and post traumatic syndrome (PTSD), it becomes quite obvious that due to the biochemical process, after any stress, the body responds accordingly. Our body spasms or unnaturally atrophies (hypo-, and muscle hyper-function), capturing one or another emotion, whether long-term or short-term. For example, when you briefly experience anger towards someone in your life , or you have a constant feelings of aggression towards the same person continuously through your life. 

In my practice I have never met a more honest witness than the human body itself to recollect all of the persons’ life through it. Because the body remembers absolutely everything, every thought, hesitation, fear, joy, anxiety, whatever we are experiencing, the body “seals” the variety of feelings in itself. And absolutely every single trace of emotions is recorded. To my comprehension, the body is an incredibly accurate map of each person’s story and experiences, and most importantly, the body never deceives.

In my past experience, I had a 25 year old client who I met at a dinner party, who was a bright and creative architect. Upon learning of my professional background, she immediately asked to book a session with me. We met in a couple of days after, and to be honest I hardly understood what could bring such a joyful and successful young woman to sit down with me. She did not understand her problem clearly, but she knew that life had become unbearable for her, she felt no joy anymore and nothing could make her happy, as she felt persistent heaviness on her chest. Admittingly, her bright nature caused me to not act so abruptly as usual, as we wandered through the maze of her thoughts of feelings for a longer than specified  time. She persistently told me of different stories, diverting attention from the most important thing for me — her Body,  the true story of Herself.

The next moment of our work together was complete silence, as  no words were spoken, I ordered her to exhale deeply and forget the madness of busy words, followed by a small prayer, and most importantly, an hour and half testimony in the silence of the only true witness — her Body. After the first initial touches as an introduction to the process, the illusion of words dispelled and the truth came forward, followed by her tears of release. As always, the body told us the truth. We’ve met two more times, and to her surprise, the heaviness within her body and soul disappeared, and I had the incredible pleasure to observe a beautiful woman and a talented architect spread her wings via Instagram.

The body is always the consequence and the result of the way we live, think and the emotions we experience.

The point is that unlike the Mind, the Body never gives millions of options for possible solution, and it will always tell the true chain of events, “sins” that a person has allowed to happen with the body.

The body is always an accurate map of our lives, manifested in a specific physical state.

Olga Prodan