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Diseases as the result of the damage to our biorhythmic frame.


The Man as a living being here on Earth, operates within the laws of biorhythms which must be strictly obeyed. An individual has to be in full – bodily and emotional interaction, where one depends on the other for balance required to be healthy. In 2017, sciences most prestigious award the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, was awarded to the research conducted in the field of molecular mechanisms that control the daily biorhythms of humans, animals and plants. That means that science was able to solve how plants, animals, and humans adapt their biological rhythms to synchronize with the Earth’s rotation.

Our Emotions, body and Our mind  together create an invisible frame of  frequencies and biorhythms that surrounds us. However, it should be clarified that only a human can adjust his own grid of frequencies, depending on his emotional state and only a human can adapt his emotional mood changing it quickly, which in turn has a direct effect on the body.

Thus, it can be argued that the body and mind not only affect each other, but together they create a vibrational field, where the oscillation of frequencies depends on a healthy physical and emotional interaction within Ourselves.

For example, when you are experiencing a stressful situation, your body involuntarily cramps, twists, shrinks and hardens. It is at these very moments when we are experiencing stress that the codependence between the body and emotions is most visible. It is at moments like this that thousands of our active energetic points and energy channels experience a level of shock, and even death. So what is really going on in these moments?

Severe anxiety makes our body spasm, which makes the free flow of living kinetic energy through channels simply an impossible task, resulting in the formations of stagnation (hardening / fossilization of muscle) and as a result, the grid of our biorhythms is reduced. It transforms from being a wave to becoming choppy, and the person will feel accordingly unwell as a result. This is witnessed through my clients having various combinations of disorientation, foul mood, physical and emotional fatigue.

Likewise, the same process occurs when we experience joy – the positive emotions affect our body as it receives millions of signals from our nervous system, causing endorphins to flow throughout  the body, accompanied by a feeling of exaltation and confidence.

In this small article I only briefly described the general characteristic of emotions, exclusively positive or negative, and their manifestations on our body. When confronted with such a problem directly during a therapy session, we, together highlight the specific emotions you have every day or have experienced in the past, their place in your life, and their impact on your body and how I may assist You best. 

Olga Prodan