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How emotions affect our Body


Our body is a unique system that organically interacts with other systems in our body. The body is an extremely well organized plane that reflects all our experiences and emotional states. Emotions are the starting point for influencing the human health, and the body is its direct indicator, which certifies and remembers all of life’s experiences. The so-called “body memory” refers to a series of body experiences/emotions that a person experiences throughout life. What that means is, all the experiences that have happened to Us since our birth have a direct imprint on Our body. It is a subtle connection between physicality and the emotional structure of a person. This connection is most noticeable after experiencing strong emotions of any nature ( grief , anger etc).


Every single day of living our life, functioning in a society, and experiencing a whole palette of colors of the world while interacting with people or solving day-to-day affairs, we experience millions of reincarnation of emotions, excitements, and bursts of adrenaline that go by unnoticed (by us) are still remembered by Us through the physical body. It is a unique and complex neural-level communication that is very difficult to track right away, and as a result, we will usually learn about the consequences of this from a doctor well after getting ill.

The relevance of tracking such connection is not just an interesting topic, it is a critically important topic to understand. Modernity poses a problem of so-called “temporary diseases”, where traditional medicine is powerless, since it cannot track the time and cause of such outbreaks in the human body. Such temporary illnesses can be called psychosomatic, those that may appear out of nowhere and disappear all of a sudden as well. Those illnesses are the ones doctors usually have a hard time pinpointing a diagnose. It is these “Temporary Illnesses” that are reflected in the body as a result of emotional experiences.

Emotional experience is capable of striking a strong body frame so much that a person may experience an immediate change to well-being due to pain through sharp spasm in the body. Often this is due to allergies, asthma or skin breakouts (flaking skin, itching, acne, etc). Such results are the so-called “light” effects of emotional stress. As for the constant experiences of the same emotions, they can be categorized as a “chronic”, and such imprints on the human body can become fatal. The work on the so-called “chronic” diseases in the body is possible only because of the indivisible approach to the understanding of the body and emotional experiences.  

What leads to the weakening of the frequency grid, what leads to the obstruction of the energy channels in our bodies?

The so-called physical block occurs as a result of tension and spasm in the body. The Body is most reactive reacts when experiencing severe emotions, it might spasm causing the soft tissues and muscles to advance into total or partial tension, then solidifying, and remaining in that tension. The result is a physical block in the human body that leads to illnesses. And so every emotional experience has its place in the body, in the true sense of the word. Which is why a person should be considered solely in a holistic context that is where the body and emotions unite into a single mental and physical health system. 

Why does the perception of -the Man as a whole Being -helps Us understand the nature and causes of disease? 

Only when you understand the indivisibility of a Man, it is possible to heal. Which is why a competent approach to psychosomatic manifestations, defining and working on them, allows us to solve the problem of “temporary illnesses”. 

The cause of “temporary illnesses” can be called a certain obstruction of the vital “flow” through the energy channels in the body. Due to the emotional blockage that is when the body illnesses start to appear. It is known that we as humans have our own biorhythms that require this flow to run unobstructed in order to be healthy. That is why the lack of energy stemming from poor flow leads to the weakening of this grid of frequencies  that our bodies respond to, and as a result we get sick. 

Thus a healthy biorhythms is a kind of a framework that actually keeps us healthy, and reducing these frequencies leads to diseases, and a worsening of one’s health.

Olga Prodan