Your Somatic Experience...

Olivia, Vancouver


I met Olga through a recommendation of a friend in August 2016. As a result of 36 years of   accumulated “life experience”, which had firmly seated itself under the right scapula in the form of tremendous pain, and gradually got to the whole body! I am a physically active person, but there are periods of lazyness , when there is “no time” for exercise, and at one of those  moments in life, when my body did not listen to me, I got to Olga. Initially I thought that I’m going for a general body massage, but my friend told me that it is a much deeper process. It is difficult to describe through  words what I felt after the first session . I have often heard the phrase “listen to your body” in my life, but could only fully comprehend it after working with Olga! At first, my curiosity about what to expect from this process and general thinking what a such young woman is capable of and what she can possibly do to my body and my mind, so I didn’t listen to her recommendations right away. I went through a certain procedure and it helped me, I was happy with that, but I continued to live the way I had lived before. It worked for a while, and I knew that Olga was always there to help. Selfish? So! But, everything has a beginning and an the end! One day, she informed me that she was moving to another country, and I realized that it was time to embark on hard and hard work if I still wanted to change my life.

We often forget that everything in life is interconnected, and even by chance is not accidental, the same story with our physical and spiritual state. When we are overcome by fears, doubts, sorrows, insults, it is reflected in our state of health, but as often is the case, because of the frantic rhythm of today, we thrust these states somewhere deep within ourselves, dust our hands off and continue to rush further, convinced that we have got rid of these emotions. But ofcourse no! If you want to be happy, to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you, stop, turn your face to yourself, purify your body, your soul and mind from slag! Don’t know how??? And here is what will help you, this charming woman who conducts complex treatment of the body and soul! Indeed It is something more than massage , it’s a gift!!But if you are under the impression that a miracle will happen while you will passively rest and she works, you will be deeply mistaken and waste your time and hers. You must be attuned to the daily hard work that she will demand of you, and Olga will be your ray of light, a guide to your harmonious, happy future! I am also on this path, so I wish all the strength, patience and success to everyone! And again, please remember that you are in safe hands with Olga!