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What is Body Oriented Psychotherapy?

Body-centered psychotherapy is entirely  about caring for Yourself, listening to Yourself, knowing Yourself completely, asking Yourself the right questions, and always having an honest answer within your body. Remember, that You are present in this World though your physical body, which is Your vessel that must be Respected !

Somatic psychotherapy (soma — σῶμα, σώματος, τό — the living body/apparently from σῶς "entire") — also called body psychotherapy — focuses on the complex and profoundly powerful connections between body and mind and how those connections affect how we process and recover from trauma and other emotional distress. Somatic psychotherapy arises from the premise that, along with thinking about the world and how to respond to it, humans engage with others and the world through sensations, movement, and expression.

In response to various situations and stimuli, the body’s Core Response Network, or CRN, is activated. This network, which is made up of the autonomic nervous system, the limbic system, and other regulatory functions is responsible for organizing and generating an immediate response to challenges presented by a person’s environment,
such as the well-known “fight, flight, or freeze” response to stressors and perceived dangers. In that kind of situation, the CRN signals the body to release a flood of stimulant chemicals, such as adrenaline and cortisol, creating a surge of energy that throws the system temporarily out of balance.

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Therapy for Modern Life

You don’t need to know the complicated terminology or the healing process scheme in order to get in touch with me. All You must remember is that: “everything begins and ends always within Yourself”

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My Journey in Body Oriented Psychotherapy

"Physician, heal yourself." (Luke 4:23)

You know, I follow one principle when working with clients which is: “You have no right to help someone else if You have not healed Yourself first!” And this remains the Law in My practice!

To tell the truth my acquaintance with body-centered psychotherapy did not start with a mainstream interest in psychology as is very common nowadays.

When I was 17, I was always ill period. Seeking out numerous doctors and listening to their medical opinions it seemed to me I had every illness out there, they were flabbergasted and unable to provide me with a clear path towards well-being and understandingly I grew increasingly frustrated and depressed. To make matters worse my diagnoses would change every two days, as my hormones were insanely unstable, and so the doctors were lost as to what to do next. But internal feeling spurred me on during my lowest point and  I made the conscious decision to stop feeling like a victim and attempt to find a way to heal myself as modern medicine had no answers for me.

You can’t imagine what I felt as a teenager when my legs would suddenly physically fail in the middle of a walk, yet it became all too common of an occurrence and become routine for my parents to deal with. The constant physical pain I encountered daily challenged me to gain the ability to abstract myself from the tremendous discomfort that I lived with. It was unbearable to continue to live like this but My internal voice forced me to seek other methods of relieving the stresses off my broken body and through perseverance and discipline I taught myself to understand the roots of my pain and promptly apply healing to Myself .

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